Wednesday, September 19, 2012


3:33 PM

Today, Creagon and I are headed to Chicago with some friends for a 2 day conference called STORY. We're both pretty excited about it, and looking forward to a creative recharge. The focus of the next two days will be telling the Story of God around us....through photography, videography, writing, design, art, music, and social media! With a lineup like Anne Lamott [writer], Makoto Fuijmura [artist & speaker], Bob Goff [justice guru], Seth Worley [creative producer], All Sons & Daughters [worship band] and more, it's needless to say there will be a lot of creative juices flowing!

Creagon and I love telling stories of how God is using us in Orlando, and around the world. It's almost essential for being a support-funded missionary! Just this past week, we've been in Michigan doing just that. So many people here were praying for us while in London, we've been able to share with them what God did on that outreach! It's a blessing to us and them, and God is glorified as we share about His goodness! But we are also storytellers for YWAM Orlando. We delight in capturing stories of students in training, and how God uses them on outreach. Those stories then become a tool for their future ministry, for YWAM Orlando & its supporters, and all the staff to their supporters!

In a world that thrives on stories, it's so important to be telling the Ultimate Story. The Story of grace, sacrifice & redemption. The One with the Eternal Happy Ending. And, hopefully, this conference will be a tool to do that better...and a great time with friends!

More updates to come...

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