Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Memories

3:56 PM
Just kicked off another fall quarter here at YWAM Orlando. It's by far the biggest, loudest, wildest & craziest [in the all the best ways] quarter of the year. This fall, we have over 60 students from across the world joining us for training! Such excitement.

The fall quarter always marks a memory for me as well. It was fall just 2 years ago when this naive little student first laid eyes on her future husband! It took many more months for me to discover that fact, but I always smile when fall comes around. I love reflect back on my own DTS experience, the friends, the growth, the travels & adventures. And of course the smiles, the hugs and the butterflies in my belly. Just so many good memories!

Joy & Creagon, circa 2010

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