Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kids These Days

1:39 PM
While I have no children of my own, I definitely enjoy laughing at other people's. And the internet has made that even more fun. Let me just share with you a little bit of what I'm finding amusing these days...

The Honest Toddler. Ever think your toddler is conspiring against you? Well, this one is. The Honest Toddler blog and Twitter [@HonestToddler] is every parent's worst nightmare, and it's just so darn funny. From his rants about a big bed, to adult recipes, to despising infants & the library, it's a good time. Here's a few gems:

@HonestToddler: Going to a birthday party. It better be for me.

@HonestToddler: So if you want cake for breakfast it's called muffin. Lol adults, I see what you did there.

@HonestToddler: Not participating in library story time. How will learning animal sounds make me successful

@HonestToddler: This three-year old just rolled up to the park wearing loafers looking like Frasier. Don't hurt yourself, Kelsey Grammer.

@HonestToddler: Feel embarrassed that I still can't tell anyone how to get, how to get to Sesame Street.

So there ya go. Stop reading my blog. And go read the Honest Toddler's. You'll be glad you never had kids. Or wonder if yours has been stealing your computer at night.

Next, follow up some Honest Toddler fun with some Kid History on YouTube.

You know how cute it is when kids tell a story? How about when they tell a story that they you've heard you tell? From when you and your brothers were hellions and ridiculous. That's Kid History.

A personal favorite edition of mine is Babysitting. Babysitting for siblings is rarely fun, but add in some temper tantrums, sneaking out of the house, and sand papering a new know it's gonna be great!

What Kid History so unbelievably entertaining is that the adult dads act out the kid's stories of themselves, lip synching and all! Great editing, great emotion, and great laughs.

If you are still looking to crack up over some kids, just go to Pinterest.

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