Sunday, March 18, 2012

Olympic-sized Human Trafficking Gift Boxes

4:51 PM
This summer, Creagon and I are taking a team to London to raise awareness and prevent human trafficking before the 2012 Olympics. We've had a lot of great interest, prayers and support come in, and it's just the beginning! One creative way we've started using to get the word out about our fundraising needs has been Pinterest. And just when you thought you could only find a craft idea or yummy recipe on it! Our "Joy & Creagon GO to LONDON!" board has broken down our trip costs, and each image links to our donate page. So if you want to help out with our flights, our meals, or our housing, it's now incredibly easy!

Also, we have set up the first of our ministry opportunities, with Stop the Traffik and the United Nations! The Global Initiative to Fight Trafficking [GIFT] is setting up giant boxes to engage the community regarding human trafficking and how to join the fight. This is what they had to say about the project: "During the 2012 Olympics thousands of people will travel to the UK to be part of this major world event. In the meantime other men, women and children are being tricked or forced into coming to the country to end up in domestic servitude, sexual exploitation, forced labour or forced street crime and begging. It is our responsibility to take the opportunity that the Olympics and Paralympics offer us to alert the world to the reality of this tragic crime and to inspire visitors gathered in this country for the Games to take action to stop this crime.

The GIFT box will introduce people to the concept of how you can be deceived; sometimes things are not what they seem. A series of 40 boxes in the shape of a giant present will be placed in strategic locations across London and other Olympic venues in areas with a large footfall, including St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Southwark Cathedral/Borough Market. Promises of exciting opportunities entice people to the box, however once inside it's a different story. The stark reality of human trafficking is revealed.

There are four different types of box, each with their own theme, dealing with the forms prevalent on the streets of London: domestic servitude; forced street crime, sexual exploitation, and forced labour.

Whilst the GIFT box will be evocative, it will also be family friendly, and will empower people to be advocates for change to end trafficking in their own local communities. "

Our YWAM Orlando GO team will be staffing these boxes for two full days, right in the heart of London! We just know that God is going to bring some awesome divine appointments as we share the message of freedom to all! It's not too late to apply if you'd like to join us! Email for an application today!

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tisanjosh said...

Human trafficking is an biggest crime for every nation. That can destroy the humanity. We should think about it. The London Fancy Box