Thursday, March 8, 2012

Michigan Weekend!

3:33 PM
This weekend Creagon and I headed to chilly Benton Harbor, Michigan! Yes, Florida has been averaging the 70's and & 80's lately, but we're leaving it all behind for the 30's & 40's of the Mitten State. But there's people we love there, so I suppose it's worth the freezing temperatures. We haven't been back to Michigan since we got engaged, and we're pretty excited to be visiting now as husband and wife. Many of our friends there weren't able to attend our Florida wedding, so it'll be great to connect with them in person. Also, on Sunday after church, we're having a lunch arranged to able to share what we've been doing at YWAM Orlando, what our plans for this summer are, and what our vision for ministry is as a couple. It'll be a pretty quick trip, but hopefully enough to get our fill of family & friends that we don't see nearly enough. Pray for safe travels, good weather, and great connections & conversations. I'll blog again when my fingers have defrosted from true winter weather.

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