Monday, February 6, 2012

Checking In

9:14 PM
It's a few days into February, and I thought I'd check back in with the progress on my January goals!

-As for Bible reading, Creagon and I have adopted a daily reading plan, but it's not always chronological. May go back to the one I originally started though!

-It's been much harder to start and keep to sustainable healthy eating. We got a new blender with the hopes of making some veggie & fruit filled smoothies...but then our freezer went out and ice & frozen fruits were not possible. Trying to eat more salads, and whatnot, but its a slow process, but I'm still committed too.

-Photo blogging. This I've done quite well with! I've managed to take a post a photo everyday on our new blog: Muldoon Photo Year. I enjoy looking for moments to capture each day, and fun ways to edit them. I can only hope to one day be her....

-I've definitely been reading more as well! I have finished 7 books already this year, and in the middle of 2 others. I love reading so much, and I love finding the time to keep up with it.

So that's how I've been doing with my 2012 goals! Life has been really good so far this year, enjoying my new home with my husband. We are decorating and "nesting" more and more. I love making this place look more like us.

Looking forward to the rest February, our first Valentine's Day together and much more to come!

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