Saturday, February 18, 2012

Joy + Creagon:: The Wedding Video

6:53 PM

Creagon + Joy from GoNorth Films on Vimeo.

Morgan, from GoNorth Films, filmed and edited our wedding day! And we just love it. It's a great memory of our amazing day!

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Sheldon said...

Great video. Would have loved to have been there. Proud of you two.

Cessie said...

Beautiful day for a beautiful couple! I'm so happy for you both and so blessed to know such amazing people are serving the Lord together in such an amazing way! And so happy to have gotten to hear you say your husband's name on video....we were pronouncing it like "Creegon!" Oops!!

Joy Engdahl said...

thanks guys! glad you enjoyed! we really feel like it captures the emotions we had on that much fun and love!! and yes, i'm glad i could help with the correct pronunciation! it's a tricky one ;)

thanks again!