Thursday, July 21, 2011

Team Effort

5:22 PM
It's true, I'm in the wedding planning zone. I've got a dress, shoes, venue, jewelery, and more all figured out. It's great. But wedding planning isn't my entire focus this summer. As many of my faithful blog readers know, I've been training with Youth With A Mission Orlando for the past 9 months. Well, now I can now officially announce that I am full-time staff with YWAM Orlando! I'm so excited to be at this point, and can't wait to see the amazing journey God has for me with this organization. It's the place where I've truly discovered my calling & how to best live it out, it's where I've met my husband, and it's where I see us serving God long-term.

With that, my first official "job" with YWAM Orlando is building my sponsorship team! It's a chance for me to reach out to my community [friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers] and invite them to be part of the vision & ministry that God has called me to. One of the most encouraging/exciting/humbling parts of this job is knowing that I can't do it alone. I must find people to come alongside of me and support me. But it's so encouraging to have 20 - 100 people lifting me up in prayer as I daily fight for the kingdom of heaven. It's humbling to accept their hard-earned dollars to pay for my ministry expenses. And it's exciting to realize that when I'm in southern Africa...China...Thailand...Cambodia...India...Nepal...that I'm not there alone, they are with me. It's because of my sponsorship team that Donaro now has an eternal hope in Christ. And it's because of my sponsorship team that 12 former Cambodian prostituted women made their newfound faith public one warm day on a beach. It's because of my sponsorship that I get to do what I do, and eternity is effected.

This summer I'm increasing this team. I believe that God has even more people He wants to come alongside of me [and my fiance Creagon!]. I know He isn't done yet, and there are others that need to be involved. I love to tell my stories of how God is using me on the mission field. I am excited to share my vision for bringing freedom to those in captivity through YWAM Orlando. Will you give me the chance to share with you?

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