Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day Worth Celebrating

4:21 AM
Today [Tuesday] was a unique day. Not only because it started at 7am (usually we start at 8:30!). Not only because we used a new mode of transportation (the flat bed truck). And not only because we got to go to a lake. Today was unique because today the 10 White Doves girls were baptized. About 50 of us from the church caravaned out to the nearby lake this morning to celebrate the baptism of the church family's new believers and to share some lunch and community. (How completely cool and random that 50 people could just pick up on a Tuesday morning and spend the morning at a lake!) It wasn't too different than beach baptisms in America. True, all 50 of us came in TWO flatbed trucks, so that's a little different. But we started the morning with worship, and the pastor shared some verses about what Jesus had to say about baptism. Then we walked down to the water and one by one people were baptized. Martin baptized the White Dove girls. It was a beautiful sight to behold. (The Cambodian church both sprinkles & dunks, best of both worlds I suppose!) I was witnessing living, breathing miracles! These girls have literally walked from death to life, and not looked back. They've run to Jesus with open arms, and He has not disappointed them. Martin described today as “pay day”. He said all the long nights, the good days and the bad days, were all worth it, today. I videoed each girl's baptism so Martin can put together a photo and video memory for them, and his supporters back home. I was honored to be a part.

After the baptisms, everyone swam and swam. The lake isn't all that close, so it was a special treat for everyone to get a break from the heat with some water. (I opted against swimming after Martin's comment about wanting to take a bacteria sample of the water...yikes!) After swim time, we shared lunch. The girls were up late last night preparing and there was enough for all. Rice and barbeque chicken! Now that's a Cambodian meal I can get on board with! True, I ate it off a banana leaf from our backyard, but still! It was one good meal. Then, my favorite part of the day, nap time! The huts were lined with hammocks, so I cozied up and fell asleep to the sound of Khmer singing, kids laughing and water splashing. I would like to hope I can request a hammock in my mansion in heaven, because I could spend an eternity in one! After waking up with a “mild” sunburn (I have new degrees of measuring a sunburn since my recent scalding), we loaded up our truck and headed back to the Center. All 20 of us in the back of our truck (sorry Mom!) were having a great time. Funny thing happened on the way back, we were cutting through the Angkor Wat temples (I LOVE that that is a shortcut we can take here!) and we got stopped by the police. NOT because there were 20+ people in this truck, but because Martin and I are foreigners, and we couldn't be in there without buying a pass! They didn't believe we were just taking a shortcut. So we had to take the long route. But still a good time. I know that today was incredibly special for the girls, and I was thrilled to be along for the ride!

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