Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saying Yes

8:29 PM
The answer was YES. Undeniably YES.

Creagon and I just celebrated our one-month anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend. True, we had been going on dates for a couple months before that, and had been friends for even more months before. But we had only been official for just a month. In even that short amount of time, I knew that Creagon was the one. And Creagon knew it too.

In early June, Creagon was involved in a serious car accident [read about that experience here!], and I was able to be by his side the entire time he was recovering. From driving him to doctor’s appointments to making sure he napped enough, I was his chauffeur, nurse, cook, and girlfriend extraordinaire. Through this, our relationship grew so deep so fast. It became clear to both of us how perfect of a fit we truly are.

Creagon had a trip already planned to his hometown of Benton Harbor, Michigan for the end of June, and as a result of some of my own schedule changes, I was able to join him on this trip to meet his family, friends, and more. It was a perfect chance to getaway, and for him to show me off to those that matter most to him. His parents have a beautiful home right on Lake Michigan, where we could just relax, hang out and rest for 12 days.

Sunsets have always been pretty special for us. We’ve had several sunset dates back in Florida, and with Lake Michigan right down the driveway; we’ve seen several there as well. Well, Saturday, July 2nd, Creagon was very insistent about getting home in time for the sunset. So we took snacks, drinks, and a blanket down to the shore and sat and watched a beautiful sunset. As the sun goes down and the sky lights up, Creagon begins telling me all the wonderful things he likes about me. He then takes my hand as we walk to the water to put our feet. I’m shrieking at the freezing temperatures of Lake Michigan [OK, 50 degrees] and he just laughs. Then he puts his arm around me, and begins writing in the sand.

I…L…O…V…E...U is what Creagon writes out for me to see. He turns to me and then tells me that he loves me. This is a big deal in our relationship, because it’s the first time he’s ever told me this. Not because he didn’t want to, but because I had asked him not to tell me this until it was followed with a ring and a proposal. I knew what was next and my heart beat wildly as Creagon gets on one knee. He takes me hand, reaches in his pocket, and pulls out a stunning ring and asks, “Joy, will you marry me?” My heart is pounding and I can barely catch my breath, but manage to say, “Yes!” He kisses me and slides the ring on my finger…and it fit perfectly.

The rest of the night is a blur, from telling his parents, and to calling mine. And then every once in awhile, it hits me all over again and I realize that I’m engaged and I’m going to be Mrs. Joy Muldoon!

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Joy Muldoon is a full-time missionary and part-time blogger. Read about her travels, adventures, and missions here!


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