Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Prices and Costs

4:36 PM
"A revivalist will disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed." Glenn Sheppard, a modern-day revivalist, shared this with us this past week as he taught about the price and cost of revival. When most religious people hear the word "revival", they immediately think of a super long prayer meeting that starts on Sunday and ends Wednesday night, with engaging worship and long-winded teaching. But that's not what a real revival is. A real revival is the sovereign work of God among His people bringing them from cold, carnal complacency to true Biblical Christianity. It's a difference between knowing the Word of God and the God of the Word. It's not being religious in our world, but being Jesus in our world. Glenn talked about the price of revival, what you "pay" to obtain it, such as desperate praying and humility. He then discussed the cost of revival, what you "pay" to maintain it, such as instant, joyful obedience, the willingness to be identified with all of God's matter who they are, choosing the place of no reputation, and taking the time to seek God's face to discern the things from Him and the things not from Him. Often the cost of something is greater than the price.

I was really challenged this week by how much passion I live for God with. Glenn, or Papa G as many lovingly call him, has been passionately serving the Lord for several decades. And his passion is contagious. He told us this story from the book "One Divine Moment" by Robert Coleman that recounts the revival at Asbury College in the 1970's, about a businessman in New York City in a moment of selflessness was mistaken for Jesus. And that image has stuck with me all week. I desperately want to live a life where I could be mistaken for Jesus. This week's teaching pushed me into a place of greater intimacy with Christ, and I don't want to stop here. I want more.

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