Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Changes, Redirects and New Steps

9:37 AM
One of the great things about this missionary lifestyle is the fast paced, ever changing day to day. One day can look radically different than the day before. The spontaneity, the go-with-the-flow, all of it is part of the reason why I love this life. With that said, sometimes these changes can look like disappointments, yet prove to be the best plans all along.

After discussing it with my other team members and school staff, I’ve decided to postpone my trip to Asia until after the new year. This will allow me to be part of the leadership of the training school team in the fall, and help lead their outreach to Asia to fight human trafficking from January to March. Working alongside this team will help me to learn how to staff training schools and how to take leadership roles on outreaches. I will not only be an active part of the anti-human trafficking ministry we will do daily, but I also get to invest in the lives of my teammates, discipling & encouraging them in this process. I get to help walk students through the exact same training school experience that I had almost a year ago, which was 12 weeks in Orlando and 8 weeks overseas.

I believe that by postponing this outreach opportunity, I will have the chance to be the most effective in fighting against human trafficking in Asia. The students I lead will be multiplied exponentially, and many of them could be awakened to this injustice for the very first time. Thank you for all your prayers, your support and your encouragement. I could not be doing this ministry without you.

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