Saturday, February 12, 2011

South African Soccer

5:52 AM
I had an amazing opportunity to do something totally South African this week – go to a football [soccer] game! I know what you are thinking…I’m NOT the biggest professional sports fan, but hey, its Africa! It was a cultural experience thing, and I’m SO glad I went!

We’ve had the same taxi [tabago] all week, Aaron, and earlier in the week he mentioned that there was a game coming up that we should go to. It was South Africa vs Kenya. They were playing at one of the World Cup stadiums, just a few kilometers from where we were staying. He wouldn’t let it go, and even offered to pick up the tickets for us. So we decided to make it happen. The tickets were only 100 rand [$14] and we had great seats. Right behind the goal at field level. I’ve been to a few sporting events, but never one as lively as this. The fans were on their feet all night, dancing and cheering. It was so entertaining. One thing I remember from watching the World Cup was the vevuzela, a trumpet like horn that fans blow constantly throughout the game. Some of our team bought them, and we blew them right alongside the South Africans.

The game flew by with all the cheering and chanting we were doing, and before we knew it, South Africa had won, 2-0! It was such a fun game and awesome South African experience!

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