Saturday, February 26, 2011

Purity in Africa

4:19 AM
While in Kruger, we've been attending Evangelical Church with Pastor Stimbiso. For the entire month of February, he's focusing his sermons on love and relationships. Which just happens to tie in perfectly with our purity teachings we've been putting together this outreach! Every Sunday night, the church has a youth/young adult service which we are part of. This Sunday, we are teaching on purity and incorporating some purity-themed skits. We're covering everything from boundaries to setting limits to why God requires abstinence until marriage to how to start over if someone's already gone too far. Our team has really embraced this message, and does a great job teaching it.

But adding the skits is something new for this specific teaching. In my job before YWAM life, every summer I would teach a team of high school students a 3 day skit-based curriculum to teach abstinence and healthy life choices to younger students. It's a ton of fun, and was the highlight of my job every year. Well, now I got to teach some of these same skits to my South Africa team! It was so fun watching them learn these skits that are so familiar to me, and add their own personality and character to them and make them their own. It made me miss my students back in Tampa, and I thought of all the great memories we shared over the past 3 summers. But most of all it was exciting to see this message of God's standard purity to be shared on a whole different continent and be embraced. I'm so blessed to be on this outreach and be sharing a message so near and dear to my heart.

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Cessie said...

I absolutely love to see how God has been orchestrating your life over the last few years. To know that He had you learning and teaching those skits for a dual purpose! God truly is the Master Planner!