Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Home at Kruger

4:15 AM
Monday the 14th we packed up our lives at Rustenburg and headed to our third and final outreach location, Kruger. The drive was about 5 hours and completely beautiful. Kruger is tucked away in the lush mountainside, and looks more like a tropical climate than the desert plains of Africa. Kruger is also home to Kruger National Park, which is the largest national park in the world. The YWAM Kruger base is very beautiful, homey, and has a real family feel. The staff is mostly American, [a few Canadians and South Africans] and are all super sweet. It's been awesome getting to know them. The main focus of this base is a project called Ten Thousand Homes. They raise funds and build homes for families in the surrounding communities. And they are intentional about providing more than a house, but a home. A place where they can feel safe and secure, where needs are met, and where they can feel community. It's an incredible outreach, and hopefully we can be part of helping build some of the homes that are already in progress.

Mostly our ministry is going to be feedings, similar to what we did in Rustenburg. They are just MUCH bigger here. But the kids bring a lot of energy and we just get pumped up because of their enthusiasm.

One unique opportunity we had for ministry here was with a project called Knit-A-Square. Church groups and community organizations from across the world, mainly America, knit squares and send them to organizations all over Africa to be assembled into children's quilts. I've heard about these projects in the states, but this week I've actually been able to assemble some quilts here! There's about 12 quilts that need to be assembled, and then we'll be able to hand them out to some children at our feedings.

We're nearing the end of our outreach, and our whole team is still being intentional about pushing through till the end, and getting the most that God has for us here. We're all anxious to go home and be with family again, but we don't want to miss any ministry opportunity or any God moment. He's been so faithful to use us again and again, we know that He has specific things for us here in Kruger.

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