Thursday, February 19, 2009

On the Air

4:29 PM

So today I was on the radio. Yup, I did a LIVE in-station radio interview on a local talk radio station here in Tampa. I have never done anything like it before. It was for human trafficking, and I was coming on as a spokesperson for the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking. I felt fairly confident in preparing for this morning. Read up on my stats. Watched a few recent news pieces. Put together an outline. Felt ready.

I got downtown this morning early and turned on the station I would be appearing on just to listen to the DJ. He was not quite as....easy I would have hoped! Haha. He definitely had that no-holds-barred and pull-no-punches approach that so many morning talk DJ's are known for. But I took a deep breath and dove in.

Before our segment began he told me that he didn't believe human trafficking existed and if it did, it was a result of illegal immigration. I knew it would be an interesting conversation! And so we began...I used my stats to help shed some light on the size and extent of human trafficking in our world. And I made it personal by citing a recent Orlando case. But he threw some curveballs that left me momentarily speechless. I kick myself now, because I can think of the answers so much more clearly. And I wish I had said so much more abou different things. But there was so much pressure! Live. On the air.

Life is like that for me too often. In the moment, I make the wrong decision, say the wrong thing, have the wrong reaction, and immediately wish I could change it. I doubt I'm alone in those feelings. But I'm so glad I serve a God who keeps no records of wrongs. And His forgiveness is limitless.

So my time in the spotlight is through for now, and I'll forever be second guessing myself, but I'm glad I did it. And I just hope that someone somewhere out there is motivated to educate themselves on human trafficking and begins to make a difference.

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I'm proud of you - you're doing big things for a great cause. I love that about you. Keep at it girl.