Friday, February 27, 2009

Digital Dating

4:37 PM

So I met this guy recently, really recently, and I think too much of it of at first. But later that day he found on Facebook, which struck me as interesting. But I accepted his request, because I found him interesting. I sent him a message about something or other, and we began exchanging messages. Then a day or two later, he IM's me. We chat, it's pleasant and entertaining. This continues for several days. Then a week later, we're chatting, online. Today he asks me to meet up with him later in the weekend, location, everything all set. And I'm supposed to text him to let him know when I'm coming. I have this date this weekend, and I've only spoken to him voice to voice once, when we met. So I hope he's there. Or that could be awkward.

Isn't funny how much dating changed with that advancement of technology. I mean not only for "online dating", but for "real life dating", so much happens online. It's become the new "small talk". I can check his Facebook page, MySpace profile, etc... all before going out with this guy so I have idea of what to expect. I now know where he went to high school, what year he graduated, and where he asks. Didn't have to ask!

I feel a little like Drew Barrymore's character in "He's Just Not That Into You" when she found out that MySpace was the new "booty call". What does that make Facebook? Will I find out he's just not that into me? I think in a way all this social networking is enabling guys to be lazier in pursuing women. Instead of manning up to ask for a girl's number, he can get her name, and then find her online later, send her a witty message and proceed. And instead of the awkward first phone call, he can IM her to break the ice. And instead of calling her invite her to the party he's having, he can send her a Facebook event invite. And then text her to make sure she's still coming.

Is technology helping or hindering my dating life? Because we all know that we only post the best pictures of ourselves, untag the ones we look bad in, and keep a current list our music tastes so we're always "hip". As we go about lives, how often do we stop for a "Facebook pic" moment or a "Twitter update"? Am I creating the image that I want people to perceive of myself? Or is just me? I don't even know how to answer that.

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CR said...

Dating sure has changed. I gave a presentation today and we joked that if you're not interested in someone anymore, you'll just send a text message instead of seeing them face to face.

Not sure how you met him, just be careful when first meeting.

And I was totally thinking about "He's just not that into you" when I first started reading your note.

I think if you find someone who's traditional and will call you to ask ya out he'll be a keeper.

Speaking of which, my "little" brother is moving back to the area in May. He's been living in Ohio for the past 5 years...we can talk more about it in Macon :)

Joy said...

haha thanks Colleen. The date I wrote of actually never happened, and still hssn't. Some things aren't meant to be I suppose! Looking forward to chatting in Macon!