Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Always in Transition

11:40 PM
I feel like my life is always in the state of change. Some my own doing, other not. Just in the past 2 years alone I moved to Georgia, went to New Zealand for 2 months, moved back from Georgia, worked at a coffeeshop, quit the coffeeshop, worked for a pregnancy center, moved out of parents house, moved in with a family and now I'm on the move yet again.

The fab family I live with have decided to back to Michigan. I've known it was coming for a few months, but just this month has everything happened all at once. Like the house going on the market, the beginning of the new job, and finally a move date. And it's not too far away.

And while I'm really happy for them, and I know that I'll have a new place to settle into soon, but it's gonna suck. To say goodbye to friends who feel more like family. To pack up my life belongings and relocate, which after moving my work office over Christmas I thought it would be years before I'd want to move again!

And I know that this next adventure will be exciting. And I know God has a plan and all that. But I'm ready for the process to be over. More to come on this....

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amelia said...

Wahhh!! This next month is going to be so tough. Ugh. Saying goodbye to everyone and everything and these kiddos are SOO going to miss you! I'M going to miss you!!!!!!! Wahh.