Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reflect & Retreat

4:30 AM

When was the last time you reflected on your history? That's exactly what I've been doing this past week with my YWAM Orlando staff family. And what a great time it has been. Since it's beginnings in 1995, God's hand has been all over YWAM Orlando, and the staff He's lead here. I only joined in 2010, and loved hearing the journeys, trials & celebrations from the past 17 years. It only encouraged our faith to believe Him for the current struggles & growing pains we are experiencing as a campus. YWAM Orlando isn't the result of one big miracle, but several little miracles along the way. What a great story we are living!

After 3 days of this reflection & dreaming time, we all packed our bags and headed for the beach for our annual staff retreat! Staff retreat is a much beloved time among our staff. It's one, if not the only, time that our ENTIRE staff of 80+ [and children!] are all together. Our amazing team is always leading outreaches, doing recruiting trips, out support raising, or scouting out new ministry locations around the world. We are so rarely together. But this week is the time for that. We come together and take a "family vacation" to retreat & refresh! It's 4 glorious days of beach, pool, games, volleyball, movies, sleep, reading and SNACKS! We are a family that knows the value of working hard and playing hard.

It's such a blessing to have found not just a job, but a calling, that I can live out within a community environment which is super fun, encouraging,  challenging, and dreamers. 

Anyways, so that's where I've been this week, with burnt skin and a full belly to show for it!

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