Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crazy World Changers

11:32 AM

Ran across this quote from Steve Jobs the other day on Pinterest. But it was more than a pin it and forget it moment. It stuck with me. It got me thinking. Changing the world isn't for your average dreamers. Being so unsatisfied with the condition of the world around you that it compels you to action isn't a normal calling. It takes a bit of crazy. And sometimes that's exactly what I feel, is crazy. Crazy to think that there could be a world where human trafficking doesn't exist. Crazy to believe that my actions and the actions of those around me can make a difference. Crazy to wonder if this 20something [soon to be 30something] can actually change things. So thanks Steve Jobs, I needed this reminder today. I'll keep on being crazy and making a difference around me and watch the world change.

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