Friday, April 8, 2011

Wise Counsel

9:27 PM
This was my first official week of classes here in my School of Ministry Development. We’ve already hit the ground running with some awesome topics and discussion.

This week in my SOMD, we had John Bills teaching us on how to include God in our decision making, conflict resolution, and trauma counseling/debrief. I absolutely loved this week’s teaching, it was so practical and I know that I will be able to incorporate all of these new skills almost immediately into ministry.

We first looked at what each person brings to the table in a decision making process, such as personality, background, character, understand of God, and the ability to hear His voice. Each person is different in this area, and when making corporate decisions, one or more of these could be affecting their ability to make a decision. So we spent some time identifying these things in ourselves, so we can know what we are bringing to the table. We discussed the different elements we bring into decisions, like our spirit, conscience, mind, will, emotions, and flesh and the role each of those can play in our decision making. Then John gave us this great list of questions we can ask ourselves and pray over to determine if we are including God in the decision making process.

We also spent some time discussing conflict and how to resolve it. Because ministry always involve people, there is no doubt that at some point in my ministry experience, I will have to resolve some conflict. So this week I learned some great practical strategies on how to handle that, as well as the Biblical model of conflict resolution and how Jesus handled conflict.

Finally, we spent some time focusing on trauma and grief counseling. An inevitable part of ministry and life is dealing with grief, and if we can be more equipped on how to walk people through it, we can experience healthier ministries and teammates.

So this whole week was just full of great knowledge from a man who has seen a lot in his 37 years in YWAM. John Bills taught in my DTS last fall on hearing the voice of God, and that teaching was just as foundational. I’m so excited for what other great things I’ll be learning in this school and turning around to put into practice.

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