Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting the DNA

10:02 PM
This week in my SOMD classes, we watched videos from the YWAM DNA Conference from 2006. Co-founders, Loren and Darlene Cunningham, and international leader David Hamilton taught a week-long conference on who we are as YWAM, what are our values, how does that influence our character, and where is God taking us. Now normally videos are not my favorite way to learn in the classroom, doesn't leave much for interaction. But these videos were great! I felt so much more connected to the YWAM family after this week. I was able to hear big success stories of God's provision and humbling failure stories of man's pride. The successes encouraged me to press on and the failures reminded me of my journey...and the fact that God is still faithful. Some of the highlights from the teachings:
  • Discernment is knowing what's right and what's almost right. For me, I can usually identify the "wrong" choice, but its those choices that seem right or pretty close that I get stuck on. That's where discernment kicks in.
  • "I gave you the gifts you have and the gifts you don't have are part of my design." - God. I'm pretty confident in my giftings and knowing my strengths, but I can also think of so many times I've longed or wished for other, seemingly better, talents. But God didn't give me those for a reason! He didn't create me, then realize whoops! she was supposed to be musical. The gifts I have AND don't have are all part of His grand design.
  • We must have enormous respect for the gifts of God AND the variety gifts in every person. Learn to celebrate their uniqueness and differences, instead of emphasizing their flaws. It's beautiful.
  • Our goal in this "race" [Heb. 12:1-2] is not a "what", but a "who". And that's Jesus. Our goal in this Christian life isn't eternity in heaven. It's about a intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Heaven is just where we get to spend eternity with Him.
There was so much more that I walked away with from this series. I really enjoyed this week of teaching and discussion with my school. Each week brings us closer and closer to each other. What a great experience!

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