Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letters, Love & Prayers Vol. 10

1:36 PM

Dear Family and Friends!

Just a few days ago, I graduated from my Discipleship Training School with all of my many teammates. It’s crazy to think that this 5 month journey has finally come to an end. Through the past 5 months, I learned how to clearly hear the voice of God, what is the true character and nature of God, how to identify both the root and fruit of pride and how to eliminate it, and what living under the Lordship of Jesus Christ looks like. I’ve traveled across the globe to share God’s love and compassion with the hurting and the broken. I’ve learned more about myself and my relationship with Christ in these 5 months than ever before. And what’s even more exciting is the shape my future is taking.

For those of you that have been following my blog, I’ve been posting weekly stories from Southern Africa and have finally added some photos and videos to it as well. I hope you’ve been enjoying the journey alongside of me. And the best part is that the journey is not over yet. As I talked about in my last update letter, my future plans have taken a turn. I’ll be starting a secondary training school with YWAM Orlando, called the School of Ministry Development, at the end of this month. This training school [5 months in length] will be strategic in helping me develop a vision for my personal ministry, as well as enable me to come on staff with YWAM Orlando hopefully in the fall of 2011. As staff, I’ll be able to help staff future human trafficking Compassion & Justice training schools, allowing me to be involved in discipleship, as well as local & international human trafficking awareness and outreach. It’s an opportunity I’m really excited about.

To go with these new plans, God’s also allowed for me to continue this exciting journey of fundraising! I saw Him provide over and above in the past year with enough funds to cover my DTS and living expenses. And I know He’s going to do the same thing for this SOMD journey. If you and your family have already taken part in giving to my ministry in the past year, I want to thank you again. Your generous gift was such a blessing. I still have a great financial need for this next. This upcoming training school will cost $4,800 [plus airfare depending on outreach location]. For all online donations, feel free to use the PayPal link on my blog []. For check or cash, please send all funds to my home church, Watermark Church, with the enclosed card. This will allow your gift to be tax deductable. Thank you in advance your for your generousity.

As for prayer needs, please lift up the property where I’ll be moving. YWAM Orlando just purchased a beautiful new campus in Clermont, FL which allows all schools, trainings, and offices to be one property. It’s still in the rennovation stage, and as of this writing, does not have running water and electricity [it’s being powered by generators currently]. Please pray that the power company will see our campus as a high priority! I like being spoiled with running water and regular showers. Also, as I prepare to enter a new chapter, just pray that God prepares me spiritually, emotionally and mentally for what is to come.

Thank you again for all your support and encouragement. I greatly appreciate it!

God Bless,

Joy Engdahl

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