Saturday, January 29, 2011

Settling in Rustenburg

7:12 AM
So we've arrived back in Rustenburg, South Africa safely. It was a long day of travel, from Palapye to Gabarone, from Gaborone to Labotse, and then we waited at the bus stop in Labotse for 2 hours for our ride, to drive us the remainding 3 hours back to Rustenburg. So needless to say, we were quite happy to be "home" again. We are going to be here in Rustenburg for about 3 weeks and we are all sp excited to finally settle down somewhere. Its pretty funny to think that "settle down" somewhere means only 3 weeks. I'm sure to anyone else, living somewhere for only 3 weeks isn't settling, its stressful. But this has been our life: after Lecture Phase ended in Orlando, we went home for Christmas for 2 weeks, packed up and came back to Orlando for 2 days. We left Orlando for North Carolina, and spent 4 days at our first location. We packed up again, and went to our second location in North Carolina where we stayed another 5 days. We packed up again and came back to Orlando for 3 days. Packed up again and left for South Africa. Stayed in Rustenburg for 3 days and then left for Botswana. Stayed in Botswana for 9 days, then came back to Rustenburg. And now we are here for 3 weeks. We've unpacked and moved in, and it feels great. Here's a few pics of home at Rustenburg!

Our clothesline outside of our cabin!

The cabin that Rachel and I share. So cozy!

The steps leading up to the cafeteria, the porch and the swimming pool.

The view from my cabin. Not too shabby!

All of our cute little cabins in a row!

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