Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here in Africa

8:50 AM
The Rustenberg base is absolutely beautiful! It looks like a resort on the set of the Lion King more than a missionary base. There's lush vegetation all around, and animals just wandering about. From donkeys to peacocks, to ostriches to chickens, there is quite the wildlife at our fingertips. Most of the team is staying in 2 person cabins, complete with a tin roof. The staff is great and have been so welcoming. The view from the base overlooks the city, which at night you can see lit up like stars. During the day, you are surrounded by mountains. On top of one of those mountains is a prayer chapel, where you can see for miles. I'll be hiking up to that chapel soon. The weather is perfect. It's been a little rainy, but still warm enough for tshirts and shorts. Such a great change of pace from the chilly USA! Our days at Rustenberg have pretty chill, recovering from jetlag and preparing to leave for Botswana in a few days. But settling into life in South Africa has been a pretty easy routine. Not getting too settled though, as we are hitting the road all over again!

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