Monday, October 26, 2009

God & Vampires

10:52 PM
This is a little cornier than I like to blog, but I just had to write it. Sometimes it really doesn't take much to entertain me. For example, I've recently been reading the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris. It's great...vampires, telepaths, werewolves, fairies and more. I'm all into it. And the pivotal character love triangle is Sookie (the telepath) and Bill (the vampire) and Eric (the vampire). After 9 books, there's still a triangle! I'm personally Team Eric, but I'm sure that's up for debate among fans.

I was reminded of these characters in church this past Sunday. I know, odd place to be thinking of vampires, but go with me. Ryan was sharing in prayer time from Ezekiel 16 about the marriage vow, and God's commitment to us as believers. It shows how God time after time had told Israel that “you are mine” (v.8). And it got me thinking...

In the books, both Bill and Eric have claimed Sookie. “She is mine” they would say to other vampires who wanted to use her or harm her. But because she is spoken for, she is off-limits. It goes even further, when they form a blood bond to her. She is protected by them and they can always sense where she is. And I was struck by the parallel to my own life. Christ and I also have a blood bond that is unbreakable. And He has declared to Satan and all the world “She is mine”. He has claimed me for his own, and no one take that away from me. Jesus is always watching over me, and coming to my rescue time and time again. So as I'm almost laughing out loud in church on Sunday, I realized I don't need a vampire, I have a Savior.

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