Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Art for Freedom

2:28 PM
Fundraising has begun! This Friday night I will begin putting my cause and trip out there for the world with hopes to bring in some cash. What is this Friday night? I'm glad you asked! It's Canvas 5! A local FREE art show that exists to bridge the art community with the faith community. I will be one of the lucky artists selling some handmade goodness. I've designed travel/Cambodia themed postcards to help get word out about my trip. I'm hoping that not only will people want to buy them for the design, but also for the chance to invest in this ministry. This is just one of many opportunities I will have in the coming year to put myself out and hope for a financial return. It's scary and exciting, just like all support raising! If you are in the Tampa area, be sure to check out Canvas and support some local art, any myself!

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