Wednesday, July 4, 2007

What Did You Say?

5:56 PM

So, I've been living here in New Zealand for a month now, and I've really started to pick up on the vocabulary differences here. Sometimes it's at my embarrassment, and other times it's just plain funny. Here are a few that have stood out…

In America we say…. In New Zealand we say…

Pavement Tarmac

Swimsuit Togs

Cookies Biscuit

Highway/Interstate Motorway

Garbage Rubbish

Cotton Candy Candy Floss

Rain Boots Gum Boots

Dessert Pudding

Trunk Boot

Elevator Lift

Flip Flops Jandals

Tank Top Singlet

Lollipops Lollies

Hot Dogs American Hot Dogs

Pixie Sticks Sherbert

Yield (as a street sign) Give Way

Carry Out Take Away

Convenience Store Dairy

Hard Core/Really into something Hard out

Napkin Serviette Pacifier Dummy

Diapers Nappies

Coolers (for food or drinks) Chilly Bins

So there's a quick word glimpse into my life here in the New Zealand. It's really fun!

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