Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Week PACT-ed Full of Fun!

2:01 PM
Our week at PACT (Papatoetoe Adolescent Christian Trust has been a blast! PACT) is a Christian organization that puts together fun-filled for kids ages 8 -12 during the school holidays. AIM teams have been helping out with PACT for quite awhile. This holiday, our team was given the opportunity to plan all the God Moments for the week. We decided to use the theme "Unique" for the week in an effort to teach the kids how we are each unique to God. Every day we told them different ways we were unique and encouraged them to think of ways they were unique too! Monday we talked about being Uniquely Formed and told them the story of Adam and Eve. The highlight of Monday was dressing in crazy clothes to show off our uniqueness and I wore my lime green pajama pants! Tuesday we talked about being Uniquely Loved and told them the story of Jesus loving and forgiving the woman caught in sin. We also introduced a review game show, in which I got to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a game show host! Wednesday we talked about being Uniquely Chosen and did a skit for the story David and Goliath. We then did the same skit over and over again as a western, musical, really fast, really slow, kung-fu action movie, and ghetto. The kids loved it! Thursday we talked about being Uniquely Directed and told them the story of Jesus and just how Jesus was directed by God here on earth, we too are directed. These God Moments have been great and have opened up doors with the kids for relationships. One little boy, Jordan, made me a card that thanked us for the Bible stories and how he really enjoyed them. He hasn't left my side. Rebecca has been sowing into this little guy, Shaun, who is practically begging to know Jesus. (Link to update). We each have stories about kids whose lives we have touched and those who have touched ours. It was really an awesome week just to be open and available to what God will do through ping pong and video games, bowling and rock climbing. We may never see the result of the seeds we have sown, but we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God showed up and used us this week.

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