Monday, June 25, 2012

Coming Up for Air

3:12 PM

This is definitely the season of busyness for me & Creagon. Just finished a killer three weeks, and things about to hit whirlwind mode again. Early June, YWAM Orlando hosted a 2 week training school called the School of the Circuit Riders. Together with over 200 participants, we talked about evangelism, discipleship & revival in America. We went on outreaches throughout Orlando and saw people saved, healed & delivered! Check out this video [that I edited] for just a taste of some of the amazing stories we heard!

The day the Circuit Riders left, a youth group of 250 moved onto our campus for a week of work! They tackled projects like painting, landscaping, building a deck, hanging drywall, and washing the RV's for 5 straight days! And man did they accomplish a lot! I went out and videoed/photographed their progress, and was blown away by their work ethic & productivity. My favorite part of the week was Friday night, when we pile into 17 different vans, and drove down into the heart of Orlando's red-light district. We prayed for over an hour for the lives on those streets. The students eyes were opened unlike never before and I believe we moved things in the heavenlies as a result of our prayers! We serve such a powerful God!

And now, it's less than a month until our London outreach! It's crunch time for me, planning last-minute logistics, scheduling & details. So pumped. Can't wait to get there!

Be looking for more posts as it gets closer, and once we arrive! Soon London soon...


Monday, June 11, 2012

One Year

9:47 AM
One year ago today, I almost lost my boyfriend, now husband. He was involved in a serious car accident that scared us all so very badly. I wrote this blog just a few days after the crash, and I still get misty while reading it. It has been a roller coaster of a year since then. Not just with Creagon's health, but the extreme highs & lows of our relationship, and starting a completely new job at YWAM Orlando.

Looking back over this past year, I clearly see God's hand. Not just in saving Creagon's life, but in bringing ours closer together. Some couples split when things get hard, but this crash pushed us closer together and took our relationship deeper. It's no wonder we married so quickly! I've been with him through some of the worst and some of the best times of my life. And I wouldn't trade a day. I'm blessed to have him by my side. He's my best friend, my favorite person to be with, the one who makes me laugh, and completely adores me. This crash will always mark our relationship, but I don't think we'll be reminded of the negatives, but how God chose to bring out the positives. That's why I love my God, always working things for good for those who love Him [Rom 8:28].

Looking forward to the next year of mine & Creagon's life together, the ups and downs, and knowing whatever life throws at us, we always have each other.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Give Me Souls, Or Give Me Death

5:22 PM

This was the cry of a radical bunch of soul-winners known as the Circuit Riders. Throughout colonial America they would ride, sharing the gospel to anyone who would listen and discipling as they went. Men like John Wycliffe, Francis Asbury and more! They were forerunners and trailblazers. Before there were churches on every street corners, the Circuit Rider preachers would hold tent gatherings and field meetings. The call was not easy, and the job was not simple. Many of these circuit riding evangelists died before they were 33 years old! Probably not the best recruitment campaign slogan. But these guys were on the cutting edge of revival, and were harvesting and equipping souls wherever they went.

Now, a few hundred years later, I believe that God is raising up another generation of Circuit Riders. Believers willing to GO and evangelize the lost, whether it's on their college campus or to the unreached of China. Believers willing to DISCIPLE and TEACH what it means to be Christlike, holy and godly.

These next two weeks at YWAM Orlando, we are running a training called the School of the Circuit Riders to equip people to do just that. Two hundred and thirty have landed at our campus hungry for this training and impartation. And I get to be a part. As a small group leader, I get to walk through this journey with them, equipping as we go. We will not be limited to the classroom, but will spill out onto the streets of Orlando, using what we learn. Salvation, freedom, breakthroughs and revival to follow.

Can't wait for the amazing stories of God's presence from these next 2 weeks!

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