Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Glimpse of January

4:58 PM
This month has been flying by! Creagon and I got back from our Mexican vacation and jumped right back into work & life at YWAM. And things haven't slowed since! We put together this fun little video from our time in Mexico, if you are interested!

Since being back at YWAM, we've met the new students training this quarter in the Discipleship Training School, School of Ministry Development, and School of Missions. I will regularly be photographing and videoing these students and posting their stories on our website and Facebook to continue sharing what God is doing in their lives! Here's a recap video from the DTS first week of lecture at YWAM Orlando:

There's so much going on, and we're running at full force to keep up. It's exciting to be part of this organization, and to see God at work on a daily basis in our lives. I'm also working with the hospitality team, and putting my Pinterest + crafting skills to use for ministry, by creating welcoming environments for new students, parents, and traveling teachers. I'm blessed to be so involved in many different aspects of YWAM's operations.

Ways to be praying for Creagon and I this next month:
-God's continued healing for Creagon: it has been 7 months since car accident. Read his most recent health post here!

-Deeper connections with the students: we have such a limited amount of time [12 weeks!] to get to know them and the journey God has them on! Pray that we can be intentional about our time with them.

-Human trafficking prevention & awareness: we have many opportunities to raise awareness this quarter about preventing human trafficking, including a Orlando awareness day, a week of prayer at the base, and an educational movie night! Pray that these events are not just educational, but that God's freedom overwhelms individuals to the point of action.

Thanks for following our stories and being invested in our lives. More to come...

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