Saturday, November 27, 2010

Relationships, Evangelism, Botswana, and Thanksgiving...Oh My!

11:55 AM
Well I haven’t blogged in about a week or two, but things have definitely been happening! The week after the 50th celebration we had a video teaching on relationships by Dean Sherman. It was an excellent and relevant teaching. I heard a lot of the information that I used to teach in the classroom with IMPACT, but with Scripture and a Biblical perspective. That was pretty awesome. We’ve started moving forward in planning the purity ministry for our South Africa outreach. I was able to present our STD slideshow to the team, to help educate them on sexual health for our outreach prep. It was fun, yet a bit awkward, presenting that message to my peers for the first time. But helpful nonetheless!

The following week’s teaching was on Evangelism. Bob Felder came up from the YWAM Miami base, and gave us practical speaking points we could use while sharing our faith. So many times the reason I don’t share my faith is that I get hung up on what to say, what not say, how to say it clearly, and how to have it make sense. But Bob put all those fears aside and gave us a simple method to begin engaging people in spiritual conversations and follow it up with the gospel. We were able to practically apply the information as well, when we went door to door in our neighbors with the intent of sharing the gospel. It was terrifying and unnatural, nor would it be my typical approach to witnessing, but overall it was a positive experience that I walked away from.

Other awesome news regarding our outreach, we will be traveling to Botswana as well! Located just a few hours north from our Rustenberg, South Africa location, we will be driving up to Botswana to help begin planting a new YWAM base there! While our South Africa will be mostly “Westernized” with some modern conveniences, like electricity and internet, our week in Botswana most likely will not be. Regardless, we are all pretty excited to be adding this to our outreach!

This week was also Thanksgiving, and YWAM Orlando celebrates like none other! Tuesday night, we all went to Publix as a base and bought our groceries because everyone brings a dish. It was pretty entertaining to see 70 people I knew grocery shopping at the same time! On Thursday, 150 of us gathered together for a “family” meal. I’ve never seen so much food in my life! And it was all delicious! After the meal, the guys played some competitive football…the northern states against the southern states. It was a nail-biter, but the North pulled out the win! Other highlights of the game were the halftime show and the Craig & Dean commentary. All in all, quite enjoyable! After the game, we pulled out all the food again and ate dinner and watched Elf.

Me and some friends left for Tampa on Thursday night as well, and I’ve been showing them around the area for the weekend. It’s so great to not only see my family and friends, but also to bring a little of my YWAM world into my home life. But mainly, its been great to relax and sleep in and enjoy the holiday. So that’s what’s been going on in my life. Hopefully I’ll get back to regular blogging again soon!

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