Monday, February 22, 2010

Six Months Later: Looking Back and Moving Forward

7:30 PM

Today I realized that six months has already gone by since I traveled to Cambodia. Six months!? At times it feels like the trip was just yesterday, but then mostly it feels like it was a lifetime ago. I so quickly got back into my routine of day to day, church, friends, reading, TV, sleeping, movies, music, moving, and concerts...that six months have passed me by. I have I still have seven months until I begin my travels again. I've hit a rut and a lull, and I don't like it.

I pulled out my photos and videos of the trip and was reminded of what I experienced there. All at once I saw faces that brought tears to my eyes, and remembered smells that I wish I could forget. But most of all it just filled with me with peace about my future. I'm excited about going back. And I'm looking forward to the process of getting there. And I know that God has some great things in store for these next seven months that will shape me into the missionary that He is calling me to be.

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