Friday, November 27, 2009

Day of Thankfulness

3:37 PM
Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Another day of consuming ungodly amounts of turkey, watching football, and sleeping. For me, Thanksgiving has never been a favorite holiday. Maybe it's because I've lived within 10 minutes of the majority of my family for almost my whole life, and really Thanksgiving dinner feels like a regular Sunday afternoon with the fam. Or maybe it's because I don't really like turkey (or the usual Thanksgiving foods). Or maybe it's because I don't like football. All of these elements could contribute to why Thanksgiving is just not my favorite of the holidays. I realize as a believer the concept of being thankful has significance on this holiday as well. But for me, I was always under the assumption I was to be thankful to God everyday of my life, not just on days I get turkey. So Thursday came and went this week. I was thankful to be with my family, and have them all healthy and happy together. I was thankful to have a job I enjoy. I was thankful to be planning for a future on the mission field next year. And I then I was thankful the day of forced thanks was over. I did give it a good send-out though, by watching some of my favorite “Friends” Thanksgiving episodes. Here are a few of the best quotes from the 10 seasons that entertained me this past holiday...

Ross: It tastes like feet! TOW Ross Got High [Season 6]

Phoebe: Oh yeah! Happy needless-turkey-murder day. TOW the Late Thanksgiving [Season 10]

Chandler: An 80-foot inflatable dog loose over the city? How often does that happen?
Phoebe: Almost never. TOW Underdog Gets Away [Season 1]

Will (Brad Pitt): Look at her standing there with those yams. My two worst enemies, Ross: Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates. TOW the Rumor [Season 8]

Ross: Done! With time to spare.
Chandler: This might be a new world record.
Ross: You know I hate to lecture you guys but it's kind of disgraceful that a group of well-educated adults and Joey can't name all the states. Have you ever seen a map or one of those round colorful things called a globe?
Chandler: Uh Magellan, you have 46 states.
Ross: What?! That's impossible.
Joey: 46. Well who's educated now, Mr. I-forgot-ten-states? TOW Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs [Season 7]

Monica: Fine! Judge all you want to, but... (Points to Ross) Married a lesbian. (Points to Rachel) Left a man at the altar. (Points to Phoebe) Fell in love with a gay ice dancer. (Points to Joey) Threw a girl's wooden leg in a fire. (Points to the box Chandler's in) Lives in a box! TOW Chandler in a Box [Season 4]

Rachel: You're not going to tell the whole story about how your parents got divorced again, are you?
Joey: Oh come on, I want to hear it! It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Chandler bumming us out! TOW All the Thanksgivings [Season 5]

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