Sunday, May 4, 2008


11:25 PM
I hate not being connected to a church. It's weird, honestly. As much as I've despised church, as much as I've been burned by churches, and even though I've poured and poured myself into church and got nothing back, i still miss it. Maybe its the corporate worship, maybe its the teaching, but I think mainly its the community. I feel that since I haven't regularly attended a church since I've moved home last year, that I've actually lost friends. And I know thats not true, but I miss weekly connecting to people with a similar heartbeat towards God. Tonight I visited a church, and I met some nice people, went out afterwards and was social, but they weren't MY friends. It's just not the same. I don't like church-hopping and I don't like being disconnected. Element will be starting up soon, which is cool, but will it be MY church?? I heard about this other church in town I'm looking forward to visiting, called Watermark. I guess its the artsy, hippie church in town. I guess I'm hesitant in getting involved again because that means I actually live here again. Which, well, isn't the most comforting of thoughts. So I'm hoping this isn't a permanent state of being for me. I am hoping to settle down and plant myself spiritually somewhere. I think.

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Glad you decided to go with the artsy hippie church! lol! I love you Joy! You are a breath of fresh air and a little ray of sunshine in our dark artsy atmosphere! You add so much to our community.Thank you for your faithfulness.