Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dreams Reborn

5:06 PM
So about a year ago, I was living in Georgia, working for AIM, not really sure where life was going to take me. I hadn't even decided to go to New Zealand yet. But God was working, unbeknown to me. I read a book called "The Natashas" by Victor Malik which profiled the horrors of the sex trade in Eastern Europe. I watched a Lifetime (I know...) movie called "Human Trafficking" which put names, faces, and circumstances to the victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution. Then I read "Terrify No More" by Gary Haugen of the International Justice Mission in which Gary and a team from IJM went to Phenom Penh, Cambodia and actually went into brothels and took girls out. These events began to ignite a fire and a passion within. I remember having a dream one night, that I had opened up a home for girls who had been taken out of these trafficked situations, and I was able to teach them new life skills, like English, computers, sewing, business, and more. Things they could do to earn money without selling their bodies. As my eyes are opened to the world, I realized ministries like this exist! My roommate, Amanda, lived in Bangkok, Thailand for 3 months ministering to the girls in bars and offering them a hope of a better life.

So here I am a year later. Back in USA, back in FL, and back in Tampa. My world is small again. And I am unsatisfied. I began thinking about a few months ago, "if I could do anything in the world, what would I do?". And I immediately started thinking of these girls in Southeast Asia. And I knew I couldn't avoid it or run from it any longer. Through a series of God-related incidents, I am feeling called to Cambodia. I have found a ministry, Daughters, that does exactly what I dreamed of doing over a year ago. So, all that to say, things are going to get a little crazy over here. I'm not quite what I'm being called to. But I know its bigger than me and bigger than the life I could have dreamed of.

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Amanda said...

woo hoo! let me know what you plan. i am excited to find out what end up doing.

love you!
p.s. send me your address! i want to send you a wedding invite :)