Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Knock, Knock, Knockin'

8:53 PM
This week we began our relational ministry. Two of us (Julianna and Autumn) went to a woman's shelter to build relationships with the women and children that live there as well as cleaning. The other four of us set out around Mangere to knock on doors and offer prayer and practical help to people. OK, I have to admit, the thought of knocking on someone's door for any reason freaks me out, and when it's God-related, it's even scarier. And I'm not in a third world country where I can knock on someone's door and say God's name and they get saved. New Zealand is a different place. But nonetheless, I set out with Julie to meet some people and share some love. I'm sad to say I have no exciting story, just the pleasant rejections, the doors shut in our faces, and the laughter and smirking. However, Michelle and Nani (an intern with Mangere Baptist) had a really cool story about a door they knocked on. I'll just say it involved a shady teenage boy and a knife. Don't worry Mom, I'm safe! Read about it here in Michelle's trip update. Not to be frustrated by the day, we made chocolate chip cookies for the friendly houses and our painters that night. Dropping those off was quite fun, one little old lady said that we made her day. Then Julie and I spent another hour knocking on doors with little response again. Dean (the pastor of Mangere Baptist)'s wife, Jackie gave us some encouragement though. She reminded us that although we may not see the fruit or know what we've watered, that we are still doing God's work. At least now they know that there is a church out there that is active and caring for people. So maybe we did do something big today. But maybe we didn't. All I know is that today I walked in what the Lord had for me, and that's all I can do.

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