Monday, April 30, 2007

Follow Me To New Zealand

7:15 PM
To my regular blog readers,

I write to you with great excitement. A once in a lifetime opportunity has presented itself, and I am experiencing God's hand all over it. I have the chance to minister in New Zealand for the summer as a servant leader on an Adventures In Missions Real Life Trip. It is a 9week trip (June 9th - August 9th), which is longer than any other mission trip I've been on, but I'm excited about the chance to be involved in a ministry with some investment. Our team will include 6 other young women (ages 18 - 22), which will be great for team bonding and unity.

Auckland, which has the most prostitutes in the entire country. What an opportunity to show God's love to those who have been robbed of true love. Since 2003, prostitution and brothel-keeping have been legal, which has caused the amount of under age prostitutes to rise dramatically. Other ministry opportunities will include I am most excited about the ministry opportunities. We will be ministering in the "red-light" district of partnering with local churches to reach the youth of the city, and ministering to the homeless of the inner city.

I am beyond excited for this trip!! Thankfully, I will be able to use my support that I've been raising as staff to cover this trip. However, it is not enough, so I will continue to pray that God will provide the finances to make this trip a reality.

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